Weekend update, part eleven

Brandon and I drove to Knoxville to visit his family this weekend. We left Columbus at 4 p.m. Friday and yesterday we left Tennessee at 4 p.m. as well.

While we were there, we went to a hookah bar with Brandon’s brother and wife (but didn’t actually participate), ate a lot of food, and bought a gigantic TV.

We had wanted to get one, but we were going to wait until Black Friday for a good deal. Brandon, however, found a good deal on a floor model at Sears, so we bought a TV yesterday instead. Movie night, anyone? I am such a good girlfriend for not flipping out over this.

I made a purchase down there myself; I picked out some fabric to upholster an old love seat I got from my grandpa when he moved out of his big house to an apartment. I have never upholstered anything in my life, so once I get an instructional book from the library on how to do so, we will see how this goes. Brandon’s mom had lots of pointers, so that was helpful. Before and after pictures to be posted; hopefully the "after" ones will look better.

I am here at work, but I don’t have to be tomorrow. Thanksgiving is approaching, and Brandon and I will be doing something completely, entirely different from what I have done every single Thanksgiving of my life, and I am perfectly fine with it. We will probably never have a holiday at my dad’s house again. Instead, we are going to Chicago to visit Brandon’s brother at college, and Brandon’s dad will be in the city for a conference. We will be there from Wednesday night to Sunday, and we will stay in a hotel in Chicago with Brandon’s dad, which was very generous of him to offer.

Every year for a conference with Model United Nations, we would go to Chicago the week before Thanksgiving, and on our one free day in the city, we would go Christmas shopping. I hope this trip will remind me of those good times and not what I will be missing instead.

Christmas is almost doomed to fail, but we will be spending it in Knoxville just the same. My dad and brother and I went to my aunt and uncle’s last year, right before I started at SNP, and I was pretty miserable. We would always go there right before Christmas so our families could exchange gifts and then spend the actual holiday with our own families, and last year, it just felt like we were intruding on my cousins’ Christmas morning. I know we weren’t, but it felt that way.

There wasn’t anything that could be done to make that first Christmas not suck.

Not to mention all my Christmas gifts were *practical* things, like stuff you need for an apartment and living on your own post-graduation. GOSH. Just kidding, guys.

This week is filling up. I decided over the weekend to make art work for some relatives for Christmas, so I am starting those projects once I get my supplies. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my mom’s death, and I still don’t know whether I will go home to help my dad sort through my mom’s things, as is his goal for this dark day, or if I should stay in Columbus on my day off and do ridiculously fun things with Brandon as a distraction. We’ll see.

Wednesday, I am taking one of my cousins and his friend to a Yes concert at the LC, as a favor to my aunt who wishes not to spend a night listening to a very loud 70s band. Thursday, I have two girl dates: I am meeting my friend Jessie for coffee after dinner, and then I am hanging out with my friend Becca to watch "The Office". It was awesome that Becca called last night and proposed this, since I haven’t seen her in a while.

If I can just keep myself busy, I can get through this week. Here’s hoping.


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