Computer issues all around

Good news! Brandon has a job interview at OSU this Friday. He got a call this morning from HR, and a confirmation e-mail an hour later. It is very exciting. Yaaay Brandon!

He and I stayed in Friday night, but we went out with friends to Easton Saturday night to a new place called Martini Park.

I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you want to go somewhere really fancy. But it’s still not worth it, because it’s overpriced for something that’s not very creative. Oh, and you aren’t allowed to wear tennis shoes there after 8 p.m., or else they will ask you silly questions, like if you happened to bring a different pair of shoes with you.

"Why yes, you arrogant prick, I have them in my wallet, as always."

Luckily, we went there at 6.

Afterward, we went and saw "Role Models," which was really funny. Raunchy, but funny. Just don’t ask me a what a "whispering eye" is or I will smack you.

On Sunday, Brandon, Owen and I all went to Dad’s house to visit. Dad asked Owen to look at his computer, which has been running really slowly, and coincidentally, the computer chose yesterday to die. So Brandon removed the hard drive and we are trying to transfer all his stuff over to my computer, so I can give it to him this week.

I will miss my Mac, but at least Brandon has a good computer he will share with me.

Update: Brandon just managed to get all my dad’s files onto mine, so my dad can stop panicking. He was pretty upset when the computer crashed yesterday. All his writing was on that computer. So goes the lesson about backing things up.

Tonight I am going to a movie with my aunt and her friends, "Happy Go Lucky." Sometimes on Mondays we go to a movie at the Drexel, since it’s only $5 that night. Tomorrow, the roommate and I are going to The Melting Pot with our friend Jessie for a "27 Dresses" event. We will go there in our bridesmaids dresses in hopes of winning a Coach purse in a drawing.

Oh, and we get discounted fondue. Which is always a good thing.


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