Wishlist time

I can’t think of much that I want for Christmas. And usually by now I am brimming with ideas of what to get other people, but the inspiration isn’t coming this year.

Last year, I had a $1,200 scholarship from Muskingum that I couldn’t use, since I was living off campus and enjoying free tuition, so I put it in "Muskie Bucks" and spent it gradually over the semester in the dining hall and book store. I used that last chunk to buy Christmas presents for friends and family, and even though I was limited to Muskingum College Dad coffee mugs and MC Grandparents t-shirts, it was a relief to not have to pay for anything.

Every year I keep a record of my favorite gifts I got for people and the gifts I got that I liked best. I have gotten too selfish since college, and I rarely think of things to get other people.

In that tradition, here is what I came up with for myself:

1) Nintendo WIi Fit
2) Aeropostale or Forever 21 gift card
3) iTunes gift card
4) attractive car seat covers for a 2004 Cavalier
5) black picture frames

That’s all I got. Brandon has a much longer, more detailed list in the making. I would also love to get Guitar Hero World Tour, but I’m not seeing any Black Friday deals for the bundle.

So over the weekend I bought a digital camcorder off of Craigslist. It was a steal, I had to do it. Arghh. Anyway, so I told my boss about it and asked if I could do a trial run video of an event we are having here this Friday. She was cool with it, and I brought the camera in to show her this morning.

She told me the only thing she was leery about was that the last time they did any video (two years ago), the web editor had a hard time editing the footage.

"Editing is almost my favorite part," I said. "It’s like an art."

"Really? Wow. You know, you really are a dork," she said

"So I’m told," I replied. "So I’m told."


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