Fondue time = good time

We have no idea who won that Coach purse but we closed the place down last night. Walking around Easton after 10:30 is a little odd, especially when the night crew is busy carrying in plastic, furry reindeer and giant presents to decorate the mall with.

We dressed up, and felt a little sheepish walking to the restaurant, but we fit right in once we got there.

Mmm, fondue…

It was a good time. Sometimes you just really need to be with a bunch of girls. I don’t know what it is.

Brandon and I decided five seconds ago to host a party for the game Saturday. Usually our friends in Bexley host, but they have a lot going on right now so when we heard they weren’t planning to throw one, we decided to take it on. Why not?

Good times.


One thought on “Fondue time = good time

  1. Love the 27 Dresses fondue party idea! When Jessie told me about it, I was really disappointed that I couldn’t go! I have a couple of great bridesmaids dresses to choose from! 🙂

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