*Rumble rumble*

The event I am filming doesn’t start until 6. It doesn’t make much sense to go out into rush hour traffic to get dinner now, on a Friday at 5, so I am going to hope they have food at this shindig.

I am encountering footage editing issues already. I need to convert all of my clips to a format that iMovie will like, and the software I downloaded to do this did not deem me worthy. I’ve got the weekend to troubleshoot, because I think I should have this video done by Monday afternoon for it to be a good web bit.

Luckily, I do have a brother who worked as a Mac tech support person for nine months before finding a job in his field. Too bad we have had to call on him enough already this week, what with Dad’s computer failure and all.

I am a little freaked out about hosting a party tomorrow morning, since I am getting in late tonight and practically haven’t been at the apartment in two days, but that is what making lists is for. We won’t have much heavy-duty cleaning to do, and Brandon and I are getting food to make tonight.

Pictures to come, assuming I remember to get out my camera.


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