Morbid thoughts this morning, ughh

Brandon found out today from HR that he will start the new job Jan. 2. That is the day I started at SNP last year. He also found out his pay, and it turns out it’s a little more than he thought it would be, probably due to his experience level.

Sadly, he will not be making more than me, so my visions of a journalism comeback are not to be realized, but it’s just a relief to know he now has a job. I hope he likes it as much as he liked his old one.

At work today, I was asked to start scouring large Ohio dailies for anything being said about the union or bargaining, which started this week. I signed up for Goodle Alerts, so we will see how well that works.

Yesterday I woke up feeling sick of being sick, and subsequently called in sick. I slept for several more hours, and then watched "101 Dalmatians" with Brandon. Later I convinced him to watch five out of the six parts of the BBC miniseries of "Pride and Prejudice." Friend Becca brought take-out and watched parts three through five with us last night. I’ve never watched more than two of those in one day.

The last time I watched that was almost two years ago, with the then-future roommate, as we made Valentine’s Day cards to sell in the local coffee shop near campus. While we were watching, my mom called me and asked me to drive her to her MRI, because she was feeling a little too dizzy to drive. That was the beginning of that story.

This morning, I woke up feeling dizzy and cursed WebMD for putting the thought in my head that I may have a brain tumor. Don’t look at that site to self-diagnose your ailments, you will only feel worse.

It’s been a rough morning, but I’m sure I will feel back to normal soon. In short, congrats to Brandon, and here’s to watching part six of "P&P" tonight.

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