Feeling encouraged

I just ate a gigantic donut shaped like a star, and it was amazing.

The office is decorating for Christmas today. It’s very festive out there. I am trying not to be paranoid about the fact that I don’t have a decorated stocking outside my door with my name on it, combined with the fact that my probationary period is only halfway through its six-month duration– is it not cost-effective to decorate a felt stocking for someone who may not be guaranteed to be celebrate Christmas 2009 here? Goodness.

I remember the week of my three month’s probationary period ending at SNP. I had nightmares of performance evaluations gone bad, and being fired to save money. Of course, upon reflection, SNP wasn’t about to do evaluations, much less fire anybody, but I know my brother’s experience had me a little spooked. Two years ago, he got hired on at a company that designed real estate insert ads. Nearly three months later, when the housing market had really started to tank, they let him go, just days before his probationary period ended.

Anyway, at least I got a kudos this morning from my boss; all week she has had me send the online "clippings" I have found to our department, but this morning, after my morning e-mail, she told me I can now go ahead and send them out to everyone without her reviewing them first. "Good work," she said.

Is it sad that that is the highlight of my day? Mayhaps. But a little praise goes a long way.