The second offer

The same hair guy e-mailed back; he wanted to know how much hair I WOULD be willing to part with, and for how much. If he accepts my suggested price (and length), I could have very short hair the next time you see me.

I must say, this hefty price tag on my hair has given it quite the ego; you wouldn’t believe the way it keeps ranting about how it needs its beauty sleep.

Brandon’s posting his online right now.

A hairy matter

So, to clarify, yesterday I read an article on about strange, but legal, ways to earn money. The first one was to sell your hair.

Actually, someone from SNP had once suggested this, but it sounded so creepy at the time that I hardly considered it. That was before I read that selling your hair fetches an average of $300 to $600. The girl in the CNN article sold 27 inches of hair for $1,200.

It sounded so weird, but yesterday evening, I posted a listing for my hair on and asked for $500, or best offer. Brandon and I rationalized that, if for some reason, someone was willing to pay $500 for my hair, then why should we stop them?

I posted it last night, and by 10:30, I had an offer. However, since it is the one I briefly referred to below, it wasn’t going to work out. There’s no way I can shave my head for personal gain and still expect to be be respected in a professional work environment. But it was tempting.

I e-mailed the guy back this morning and said basically, thanks, but no thanks, and I haven’t had any offers since.

This has got to be the strangest thing I’ve ever done. Brandon’s thinking of posting his now, too. He can even say he has "virgin" hair, since it has never been dyed/chemically-treated/heat-treated. It’s an interesting world, the hair trade biz.

Would you shave your head for $1,300?