Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer

In case you were hanging on edge wondering, I don’t think the hair man will be buying my mane. He hasn’t replied, and no other offers have been made yet. Perhaps I should have shaved it off after all? But alas.

I have been very much in the Christmas spirit as of late; I am relieved. I was afraid I would be doomed to hate Christmas forever since last year was so awful, but I seem to have rebounded.

Last year, we didn’t get out any of the decorations at my dad’s house, and we did not put up a tree. We ignored Christmas the best we could, and traveled away for the actual day.

This year, it looked as if we weren’t going to have a tree at our apartment, because fake trees at Target are kind of pricey. But yesterday, I came home from work to find a small tree with white lights in the corner of the living room. I was very excited. It was a very thoughtful surprise on Brandon’s part.

Now if only he would tell me what is in the giant box with my name on it? I still don’t believe his story that it is a puppy. Or that it is two puppies in gladiator costumes, fighting to the death to be my one puppy.

Meanwhile, the roommate has been sick for a week straight, and has kept to her room in order to quarantine herself and the wicked germs that plague her. She has had a rough time lately.

Once she gets better, we are going to do an apartment-wide stocking exchange! There will be cookie baking and decorating. I can’t wait. I’m making up cookie plates for the neighbors on both sides– the pleasant couple we know (and their little dog, too), and the unpleasant couple we have yet to speak to. ‘Tis the season.

Looking forward to the weekend; I’m meeting an SNP-er for coffee tonight, and then I’m covering another assembly tomorrow. At least it’s at 10 this time, holy crap. Tomorrow afternoon, my dad will be around, and tomorrow evening is my aunt and uncle’s Christmas party. After that, Brandon and I are making an appearance at a bar where a high school friend of mine is celebrating the end of her finals. We won’t stay long, though, since we won’t know anyone besides her.

Sunday night, we’re hanging out with the Ellises (that sounds so grown up) and doing something TBA. Should be a good weekend.