Being greedy pays more

That same guy wrote back yesterday and asked what I would be willing to sell my hair for. I told him, and it looks like it’s going to go through. He’s here in Ohio, and he’s going to give me a free hair cut.

He asked me a bunch of questions about my hair, but I accepted his acceptance of my counter offer. More details to come, I assume. It’s a busy business, selling your hair on the interwebs.

Last night, the roommate, her boyfriend, me and Brandon went over to our married couple friends’ place. We had an awesome dinner and played Taboo. I really don’t like many games other than Scrabble, but I do enjoy me some Taboo. Brandon’s always trying to get me to learn new games, but they mostly involve a deck of cards. My brain can’t wrap itself around card games, that’s all there is to it.

This week, I have not one, but two Christmas dinners with my department. Tomorrow is a more formal one in Grandview, with us and our significant others/spouses. Then Friday, it will just be our department meeting up at a bar in Dublin with the guy who used to be the boss. He retired in April, and he’s the reason my job opened up.

Thursday, our apartment mates (all three of us) are exchanging stockings and decorating aforementioned cookies. Should be a good time.