Change of plans

My boss has been sick since Monday, so tonight’s formal dinner has been canceled. As a result, the roommates and I are celebrating Christmas tonight instead, AND I get to hang out with Becca tomorrow night now. It’s kind of a win-win for me. Although I do hope my boss feels better soon. Apparently she’s feeling pretty miserable.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in agency-specific negotiations yesterday and today. They are more interesting than I thought they would be. There’s a lot of drama in the works, and a whole history among these people that I hear more and more about every day.

I have also been getting some informal web training from our web master, who is also in our department. Since I took the class on Dreamweaver last month, I’ve been slowly groomed to become her back-up for when she is on vacation and such. I was pretty intimidated before, but I feel like I am getting a good grasp on it.

Brandon’s been doing some prep stuff with OSU this week. He can pick up his I.D. badge at any time. He will be going home to Knoxville for a week, from this coming Monday until the Monday after Christmas. I’ll be at my aunt and uncle’s after all, but I’m optimistic it will be better than last year. My aunt and my dad are very glad I will be home for the holidays. I’m sure my uncle is, too, he just doesn’t vocalize it so much. 🙂