Mishy mash

The Christmas stocking exchange was awesome. I have enough candy to last me until next Christmas. Ha! That’s a ridiculous statement. But after watching "Pushing Daisies" last night, no one much felt like baking Christmas cookies. Good thing I am leaving work early today, and will be full of vim and vigor and cookie-baking energy.

I met my brother for lunch at his office today. He works less than a mile from my building, and we meet up every couple weeks, or at least we have lately. I hope it will continue. He is really busy taking online web design classes in the evenings, and he is doubling his course load soon so he can be done before their kid is born this summer. I like the thought that NEXT Christmas, there will be one more of us around.

This week I have been listening to Pandora’s "The Shins" station. It’s really mellow, but not like easy-listening-from-the-90s kind of mellow. A lot of it is Shins songs, but they also throw some Death Cab, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds, etc. in there. And I dig on all those. So it’s a good time. They also throw in random artists I’ve never heard of, but they are cool. I just wish I could go back and click on songs to make them play again.

I might find a Kings of Leon station. I am really liking them lately. Whose sex is on fire? Leon’s. That’s right. And I guess that sounds super weird if you’ve never heard the song…

It’s been a decent week, to be sure. I’ve had plans every night, and they’ve all been a lot of fun. Tonight, Brandon and I are going to Becca’s for our weekly Office fix. Her boyfriend has a game night with some guys every Thursday, so we can keep her company. Although it does mean I haven’t seen James in for-ev-er. Maybe this weekend?

Hair Man Number Two hasn’t e-mailed me in days. Does he still want my hair? Has he lost interest? Is there someone else….’s hair? Where are you, hair man? Why don’t you call anymore?

Most importantly, are you still going to give me my money?