A challenge

Last weekend, I decided I am going to write a script. I am giving myself until the end of February to do it.

In March, I will send it out to my friends and acquaintances and see if there is any interest among them in being cast. I will cast the parts accordingly, and begin filming in April, when it’s finally warm again.

I have a premise. It’s a little overdone as a whole, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a party movie. I figured, I need this smaller, less complicated project to prove to myself that I can make a movie. Then after that, I will devote more time to The Script, which will be a more challenging piece of writing, and will likely not revolve around a party in a college/post-college setting.

I gots the camera, and I found a reasonably-priced boom mic online (which I am not buying until people say they want to be in my movie, ha ha). I was going to ask my brother to help with production, but he’s going to be pretty busy this spring. He’s always wanted to make a movie, too. It’s probably a bigger dream for him than it is for me. I learned all I know from him, anyway.

I have some characters mapped out, and I am pretty sure I am going to cap it at 20 minutes, since that seems to be the standard length for short film contest entries.

I’ve also decided to give myself a cameo. That’s the real point here, people.