Hit or miss

This YouTube video is either going to be hilarious or really, really bad. All I’ve done so far tonight is film myself doing the set up for the premise of the video, and watching that footage is pretty hard for me to do. At least that’s one advantage of being alone, there is no one here to make me feel embarrassed about talking to a camera.

I can’t go into detail, in case the person this video is going to involve reads The Sleeper Hit… but I have high hopes.

Brandon and I got these custom-designed headphones online last week, and they came in the mail today. They were only like $15, but we got to pick the color and design of them. Maybe when he gets back we will take and post pictures of them. Mine are purple. They are surprisingly good quality, for being so inexpensive. They are normally $37 at ifrogz.com.

I probably should have called someone I know and asked to hang out tonight, but I didn’t. I got plans for tomorrow though, so I should be okay.

Weird weekend

This weekend was one of the weirdest ones I’ve had in a while.

First of all, Brandon and our roommate both left the city to go back to their parents’ homes for the next week at the same time, on Saturday morning. That was fine; it meant I could spend the day doing my own thing. I shopped for a long time Saturday and got everyone taken care of for Christmas. I walked around the Short North getting last-minute gifts. I got take out from Chipotle, and ate it while watching a disc of "30 Rock". It was like the one month last spring when I was the only one who lived there, when I had no furniture or cable and I painted to pass the time. I was a little crazy that month.

Then that night, my hope was correct in getting to see James as well as Becca this weekend. We hung out Saturday night, and I had one of the most open, honest conversations I’ve had in a while. It felt a little surreal, but I am glad it took place.

On Sunday, I slept in, but then still managed to take a two hour nap in the middle of the day. I had a really weird, eerie-feeling kind of dream that managed to stick with me until I went back to bed that night. I can’t even remember many details of it, but just remembering how it felt was enough to bother me and make me not want to go alone to the basement to do laundry.

I didn’t talk to a single soul in person on Sunday, just my dad on the phone. That was a strange feeling, after months of Brandon and Christina being around most of the time. I watched yet another disc of "30 Rock," wrapped gifts, and felt the weirdness of being home alone.

I have a couple more nights of it, until I head over to spend Christmas Eve at my aunt’s. But, I’ve got a YouTube video idea that should keep me somewhat busy for the next couple of days. If I manage to pull it off, I will post it on here, and if it doesn’t pan out, I guess I’ll have to say what it WOULD have been. I made a story board for it today during a meeting. It’s been a good day.