A Christmas prank

My poor cousin probably thinks I am a crazy person, but I have succeeded in making a video centered around him opening a gag gift at Christmas. This is the thing I said would keep me busy this week. It didn’t, really, but it turned out alright.

This was originally an instructional video telling how to suspend an object in Jell-O, just like on The Office, but when I watched the full version, it was really really long and kind of boring. Besides, there are better videos out there that explain the same thing. So, here is the shorter version, and my YouTube acting debut (shudder).

Nothing says Christmas like pranking your family.

Someone just buy me a puppy already

I got a great parking spot this morning.

It’s probably because there’s only four of us here today.

I had a good Christmas yesterday, and I hope you did, too. The holidays were going to be a little rough, no matter what I did, and Christmas wasn’t as rocky as I had been afraid it would be. Plus, I went and saw "Marley and Me" by myself last night, so any tears I had welling up had a normal, acceptable outlet in the crowded movie theatre filled with other women who were also crying.

I want a dog soooo bad. I’ve always wanted a golden retriever. When I was in sixth grade, my mom finally broke down and said we could get a dog, something I had been campaigning for since birth. We picked out a golden retriever puppy from a local shelter. Unfortunately, it died of parvovirus after a week, due to inhumane conditions at the shelter.

The vet said we could get another dog, but it would have to be a full-grown one, because any puppy we got would be exposed to the same area and infections as the puppy. That’s how we came to get Shadow, our black lab/mutt. She’s 12 years old now, and her age is showing. I miss having her around. My grandpa told me yesterday that she probably won’t be around much longer.

Someday, when I don’t live in a duplex with two other people and hardwood floors, I would like to have:

1) a golden retriever mix, or
2) a corgi, or
3) a yellow lab mix, or
4) a mutt

Actually, any dog of mine would be a mutt, but I want some distinguishable features in there. Shadow is at least part black lab, but she’s also part skinny-dog and short-haired dog. Those are official names, by the way.

Go see "Marley and Me." See it if you want a family, or a dog. See it if you had a fight with your spouse or if you feel like life didn’t work out quite the way you had planned.

The last movie I saw by myself was "Clerks II." This was so much better.

Shadow, the best lab/skinny/short-hair mix ever. As seen with Steve the Cat.