A weekend with the family– both sides

Thanks for watching my video. It was fun to make, and I hope to make more in the near future.

Dad and I went to Cleveland on Saturday night to see my mom’s parents. They are 94 and 96. My grandma’s memory has been going downhill in the last year. I don’t know if it’s because my mom died, or because she’s flippin’ 94, but I suppose either way, you can hardly blame her.

She asked a lot of repeated questions. I must have told her where Owen works eight times during our short visit. We went there for dinner Saturday night, and stayed at a motel that night, since it would be kind of a pain for them to put us up for the night. We came back in the morning and I made them breakfast, and we left.

They’ve been nearly deaf for as long as I’ve been alive, so communication has always been pretty hindered. It doesn’t get any easier with this new obstacle. My granddad still seems pretty with it, but his hearing is worse than hers.

They are most definitely aware that my mom is gone, however. That would have been unbearable if my grandma had just kept asking about her over and over. My uncle, my mom’s brother, came and saw us at their house. He comes and sees them every other day now, traveling from one side of Cleveland to the other. They have a home health aide come six days a week.

I went to my cousin’s bridal shower yesterday, in Dover. I lived with her and her mom for a summer, when I interned at their local paper. She is getting married in April. She is two months younger than me, and she is absolutely ecstatic.

A lot of my dad’s relatives at the shower asked in sympathetic voices how my/our Christmas had been.

"Better than last year," I said. "Better than last year."


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