Favorite gifts given and received this year


1) fake Coach purse to my sister-in-law
2) iTunes gift card suspended in Jell-O to my cousin
3) blu-ray player to Brandon (and the accompanying blu-ray movies I got for real cheap at a closing Circuit City)
4) digital camera to my dad
5) the movie-themed gift basket (popcorn bucket) I made for Owen and Jamie


1) Rock Band from Brandon
2) the best sweater ever, from Brandon’s mom (it’s basically a dressy hoodie I’m allowed to wear to work)
3) clothes and purse from my aunt
4) Dunder Mifflin t-shirt from Brandon
5) fondue set from Owen and Jamie

Christmas ain’t over yet, kids

Brandon and I exchanged gifts last night when he got back from his week in Knoxville. I got Rock Band, which is what I told everyone who would listen all week I had hoped was in that giant box. I am already looking at the track list on Rock Band 2. Thanks Brandon, that is the best Christmas gift of the year!

I also bought myself something for Christmas right before Brandon got back last night…

This was taken on Brandon’s phone, but in that corner are two tiny mice.

Me and mice, we got a history. Ever since I "rescued" two feeder mice from a former housemate’s pet snake, I have had an affinity for the critters. My mom was baffled when I came home that summer with them in a glass tank. She laughed her head off, however, when they ended up having a litter of nine, after I’d sworn up and down they were both female.

These two new ones really are female, as the pet shop divides them into cages by gender to avoid the very thing that happened to me. I am now taking suggestions for names. One is white with brown spots, and the other is all white with red eyes.

It was either these ladies or a golden retriever. I spent a really long time watching them yesterday evening.