Year in Review: 2008

This year included a lot of firsts. I got my first real-life job (and my second), I moved to my first non-college years apartment, and got my first car that I had to pay for. I paid my own bills for the first time (don’t look at me like that) and got in my first (and second) traffic accident.

Last December, I graduated from college a month after losing my mom. I immediately started my first job in a new city, where I lived in the attic of the apartment of two awesome college friends, Doug and Chandra. So began 2008. Here is a recap of the inane and the important, a.k.a., the things I deemed worthy of blogging about.

January: Started at SNP, covering two wealthy suburbs. In my 1996 powder blue station wagon, my dad liked to joke I had the worst car in both Upper Arlington and New Albany. Decided to start a blog and broke up with my boyfriend of 2.3 seconds.

February: Got back together with boyfriend before boyfriend of 2.3 seconds. In my first snow “disaster” in the city, I rear-ended an SUV on High Street, while driving no more than six miles an hour. No damage was reported. My station wagon became slightly more wrinkled in the front. Lamented the beginning of paying bills.

March: Cursed myself for graduating a semester early, only to have to cover the aftermath of the “Not-A-Blizzard 2008,” during which I was snowed in at some friends’ apartment playing Rock Band all weekend. Closed the month on a rainy Monday by saying goodbye to my mom, again, in an inurnment ceremony on her birthday, ten days after I turned 22.

April: All celebrated the end of the Writer’s Strike earlier in the year, and prime time TV started showing the products of this end in April. Enjoyed many weekend parties with friends, and spent much time apartment hunting and car shopping. Eileen and I drove up to Cleveland to see the Tribe play on a work night. She let me sleep on the way home.

May: Moved in to the new apartment and lived alone for the first time in my life. In lieu of cable, I read many books and completed an oil painting based on lyrics to a Death Cab for Cutie song from the album that came out that month. Also visited the nation’s capitol on an assignment for work, and attended Mrs. Ellis’s wedding. Traded in the wagon for a “new” car that I later discovered did not have cruise control.

June: Finished my yearlong endeavor to watch the entire series of “Gilmore Girls” on DVD. Experienced a storm that left all entrances to my apartment blocked by downed trees or wires. Saw Death Cab in concert and never came home. Jake and Abby got married. Christina moved in, while Doug and Chandra moved out of Ohio, ending an era.

July: Sold my futon on Craigslist, beginning an unhealthy obsession with selling my belongings on the internet. My new used car got hit at the corner of 4th Street and Hudson by an old woman in a powder blue station wagon. Saw my first movie at a drive in. Leah back home had her son.

August: Started going to my gym again, and tried not to whine too much about missing Lollapalooza. Instead I lived vicariously through my friends who were able to go. Became addicted to “The Hills” (again) and accepted a job that was not at SNP. Stopped going to my gym.

September: Adjusted (sort of) to a 9 to 5 schedule, and overdosed on raw peppers at work, to near-disastrous results. Survived the Freak Wind Storm of 2008; Enjoyed a week long visit from my dad’s dog and cat, and discovered that my life had become tragically boring.

October: Brandon moved in and started the Epic Job Search in a flat-lining economy. Saw Death Cab again, but it didn’t measure up. Brittany back home had her daughter. Finally hung up personal affects in my empty office.

November: Obama won, and I got free food for voting. Acknowledged the first anniversary of the Worst Day of My Life and survived it after all. Brandon got hired at OSU to work in a lab the day we drove out to spend Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago with his family.

December: Upholstered a couch without completely destroying it. Attempted to sell my own hair on the internet for cash, but got frustrated with the fickle hair market. Decided to write a script and eventually cast my friends and family in a movie. Demanded a puppy for Christmas but got Rock Band instead. Adopted two nameless mice.

A preview of The Sleeper Hit’s upcoming features

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Brandon and I are going to a party on Parks Street with our friends Jake and Abby from college. It’s a masquerade party, so I am going out to the crafts store on my lunch break to get some supplies to make masks tonight before we head out. A lot of our other Columbus friends are heading to Lancaster for a party, so hopefully everyone will drive safely and stay the night down there.

Coming later today: A recap, ala (sans logo), of the year 2008 as documented by The Sleeper Hit.

Coming later this week: A poll to determine what to name those mice. So far the top contenders are Butterscotch and Taffy, or Scout and Jem.