It’s 2009 already.

Happy New Year!

It’s a Friday and I am the only one in my department here again. Kind of like last Friday. These holidays are messing with my schedule. Next week is going to be rough, when I will have to work all five days AND I won’t be told to go home early, not even once.

Meanwhile, it’s about to be the weekend, even though it sure felt like Saturday yesterday. It’s Second Saturday!

A friend from back home is coming to visit today. He finished with the Army earlier this year (he joined up right out of high school) and now he goes to college in Alaska. He’s home for the next few days, so he is making the trip to Columbus to hang out. We’re probably going to eat at The Press Grill and go see a movie.

New Year’s Eve was fine, except Jake’s wife Abby got really sick and couldn’t come out. So it was just the three of us, and we kind of realized that none of us really enjoy bars, so we ate their complimentary food but left around 10.

Brandon and I bought some furniture off of Craigslist yesterday. We got a matching set of two end tables, a TV stand, and a coffee table from a couple who is selling all of their stuff to move to Australia. Picture? Maybe?

Brandon started his job at OSU today, which meant many things:

1) He woke up before me this morning.
2) There is no one at home for me to text and make ridiculous requests of, such as taking a picture of my mice or checking to see if I left the light in the basement on.
3) I will have no one to gchat at any given moment and be guaranteed a reply within 20 minutes.
4) I may have to start doing my own laundry again.

And who knows what this will mean for our dinner? Do I have to start cooking sometimes? I am not sure how I feel about this. It’s a good thing his mom got him a griddle and my aunt got us a rice cooker. When Brandon was gone for a week, I lived on Chinese food and leftovers from my aunt’s.

On that note, with the new year comes the usual declaration of intent to lose a few pounds. My gym (the one I am beginning to forget what it looks like inside) is having a "Biggest Loser" contest. If I give them even MORE money, I can participate.

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