Pass me the carbs, please

I have been too busy to blog! What does it mean??

Last night I went out to dinner with Becca at the Olive Garden. Do not judge. We love our pasta and breadsticks that you can get at any Olive Garden in the country. Brandon prefers going to restaurants that aren’t chains, so I jumped at the chance to indulge my mainstream America obsession with mass-produced carbs.

It was amazing. The best part is, ridiculously large portions of filling food = leftovers for today.

The weird thing about my friendship with Becca is that she and I were at college together for almost the entire time, but we didn’t know each other very well. Then last March she started dating James, my friend who was never actually a student at any point that I was, and our circles overlapped. After James graduated, he was living around campus my freshman year and even after that, he would come back for big events.

As I write, another college friend has contacted me and asked me to organize a get-together tonight while he is in town. So, I better get to sending out a mass e-mail, text, and facebook event to reach as many people this morning as possible.


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