Winter is a bad time

In case anyone else flipped out like my dad did when reading the previous entry, I should probably mention that I called our landlord first thing this morning and he took care of it. Good thing Christina was home. She says he also put some more insulation in the basement, so that’s awesome.

I have an assembly to cover tomorrow morning at 10, but it means I am leaving at 3 today, woo. I am going home and taking a shower. Hurray for water and fully-functional plumbing.

Brandon and I are scouting out area Circuit City stores tomorrow, since I read today they are closing nationwide. At first they only closed a few of them, including the one in Grove City. I went there the Saturday Brandon went home for Christmas and got some ridiculously cheap Blu-ray movies, as well as season one of 30 Rock on DVD for TWELVE DOLLARS.

I have a sickness.

Here’s hoping for finding season two.


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