Happy Inauguration Day!

‘Tis a good day to work for a labor union. We celebrated Obama’s inauguration with lunch on the house and a big screen projector streaming CNN live. Nobody cried, but we did cheer a bit.

Although I have to say, I didn’t think much of the inaugural poem this time around. It was full of cliches! But it did have some good imagery and thoughtful lines, and besides, Robert Frost has got to be hard to top.

The Book Club for Dummies saw "The Reader" last night. It was a sad movie to see on a frigid winter evening, but I liked it just the same. I’m a sucker for a heart-wrenching downer flick, truth be told. Kate Winslet is pretty much unstoppable. She’s been nominated for around half a dozen Oscars in her career, so I am hoping she pulls one for either "The Reader" or "Revolutionary Road" this time around. "Revolutionary" I have yet to see, but no one does suburban supression quite like Sam Mendes ("American Beauty").

It was great having yesterday off. Today kind of feels like a Monday, but it’s not. And that’s the best part. So far, this week is flying by.


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