It must suck to be Cate Blanchett today

The nominees are in, and I am super excited. I have already seen three out of five Best Picture nominees! Too bad I am not as excited about seeing "Frost/Nixon" or "Milk," but I was at least a little skeptical about the three I’ve seen, and I liked them all.

"Benjamin Button," a natural choice for Best Picture, received 13 nominations, just one short of the record 14 (as set by both "All About Eve" and "Titanic"). The one nomination that I see missing and could have matched that record is Cate Blanchett for Best Actress. Just imagine playing a major role in a movie that gets almost as many Oscar nominations as ever before in history, but you get left out. What a bad time.

I didn’t think "Slumdog" would be nominated for Best Picture, but I was wrong. I also was very wrong in my belief that Heath Ledger would not be looked at for an Oscar, since the Academy doesn’t exactly have a history of recognizing films centered around comic books or graphic novels. However, this did seem to hold true in the rest of the nominations. "The Dark Knight" didn’t pick up any other major categories, not even Best Director. Oh, the curse of  commercial success.

I am a little surprised "The Reader" is in for Best Picture. I think I’ll be rooting for "Button," however. At least until I see the other two movies.

Oh, and Robert Downey Jr. being nominated for "Tropic Thunder"? Yeah, I didn’t think that was gonna happen. I would think the Academy would sooner "stoop" to the level of acknowledging a brilliant comic-based movie than a comedy meant to satirize the film industry. But then again, he sure did play a convincing black guy…


One thought on “It must suck to be Cate Blanchett today

  1. You mean a dude acting like a dude disguised as another dude.

    You notice though. 2 crazy noms in best supporting actor. Only one can possibly win, if either do.

    I still don’t understand why Downey got that nom though. I mean, yeah, prob one of the best parts of the movie, but it was tropic thunder. I don’t know. You also failed to mention Wall-E getting a nom for best orig screenplay. That I find just as surprising.

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