Work/movie update

It has been kind of a rough week around here. It seems you almost can’t help but get sucked into drama in one way or another, and the best thing you can do is be as professional as possible, resist the urge to eye roll in agreement (or disagreement) and try not to make anyone mad.

Unlike you, I am sure, I had to work yesterday. I didn’t have to come in until 11, but it took me over an hour to get here. I arrived just in time to watch the State of the State address with the rest of my incredibly depressed co-workers. It was nice of our boss (the big boss) to buy us lunch.

Meanwhile, I have been doing some more research for my movie. The Tom Holden book I read that I originally thought was going to be outdated was actually very helpful. It had some good low-budget (and no-budget) tips as well as some great filming tricks you can do with a cheap camera to make it look more professional. Last night I started a new book, written by the guy who directed "Leaving Las Vegas," which I saw a couple years ago. It has a pretty different tone from the Holden book; Holden stresses how important it is to go by the rules and make sure you ask permission before you film anywhere, even in a public park. "Leaving Las Vegas" director Mike Figgis stresses how important it is to not get caught, and not get your stuff stolen while you’re filming.

I am planning at least one scene to be shot in either a park or on the street– High Street in the Short North, preferably. Either of those would serve well as the probable location for a date with the two main characters. I wonder who is in charge of Goodale Park?

I have also started to gather some props, and I was really, really excited when one of my musician friends answered my facebook plea, asking if I can use some of his recordings for my original soundtrack. If I want to submit the final product to any festivals or contests, it can’t have any copyrighted material in it.

It’s going to be great. All I need to do is actually write the darn thing. Anyone want to offer to read it and give suggestions once it’s done?

Tonight WAS going to be script night, but then I got an e-mail from the library saying that my reserved copy of the BBC version of "The Office," season one, has come in. C’mon now, can’t pass that up. Maybe it will give me some humor inspiration?

Reading these film and script books is great and all, but they will only take me so far. I am just so afraid no one is going to want to bother with any of this once I am ready to start production. I sure can’t pay anyone, so I will be relying on the goodness of my friends and family to humor me in my aspirations. The books say the least you can do is have the decency to feed them. I am thinking of writing letters to the grocery stores and pizza places around here, like one book suggested.

Excuse me, would you like to donate food to a film crew without a clue? We will gladly eat your food and possibly even film a scene before or afterward.

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