That facebook survey you’ve been seeing a lot of

I am double-dipping here, but this is a facebook survey that has been going around like the plague this week. So this is my rendition, having finally jumped on the bandwagon. After all, I am not one to pass up a list.

25 Random Things

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1.) I love living in Columbus. Most of my life I aspired to live in NYC, and while I haven’t entirely given up on that dream, I have decided that C-bus is a more realistic option for now, and a pretty sweet one. Although I still really miss Doug and Chandra.

2.) There was a roughly three-year period, after the release of "Almost Famous," during which I got many comments on my then-resemblance to Kate Hudson. I was once mistaken for her while on vacation, in a town that was stricken with Goldie Hawn fever, as she was supposed to visit that week to talk about her new book. With Goldie on the brain, someone mistook me for her daughter and took my picture, trying to be all sly. It was the best day ever.

3.) In other "Almost Famous" news, I have an autographed copy of the special "Untitled" edition DVD. It was signed by comedian Erin Foley, who had a bit part in the film as a Rolling Stone fact checker, and who came to my college to perform. "I don’t even have this version," she said as she signed it.

4.) I decided on my major, journalism, the last month of my senior year of high school. I never changed it in college. I am a fourth-generation journalist. The pressure!

5.) My ideal day: Sleep in. Coffee and breakfast. Go for a walk. Watch lots of TV on DVD. Go out to eat at Olive Garden or some other equally-fattening restaurant. Blog about ideal day. Sleep.

6.) My mom’s parents are 94 and 96. They are very deaf and very frail.

7.) Aside from our "six-month hiatus," I have been dating Brandon for about four years. Our first date was Oct. 12, 2004.

8.) About two months ago I randomly decided I am destined to be a film maker. I have since become gradually more and more obsessed with this idea and have started documenting my film project’s slow progress on my blog.Let me know if you want to read my script when I finish it next month. And remind me that I said I would finish it next month.

9.) My dad has written four books. I typed all four of them for him, and an ex-boyfriend of mine has a credit in the acknowledgments for helping my dad select photos to use for one.

10.) I was once suspended in high school after my teacher saw a pack of cigarettes in my bag. I told my dad about it the day it happened, even though the principal hadn’t been there that day to "sentence" me. The principal called my dad the next morning, expecting to surprise him with the terrible news of my deviant behavior. You could tell it was a first for my principal when he realized I had already fessed up to my parents. While I was sitting in the office listening to my principal’s end of the conversation, my dad managed to talk down my suspension time from three days to one. My teachers let me make up my homework, even though you’re not supposed to do that. On a side note, what good is it to punish kids by having them NOT go to school, and then NOT making them do their homework anyway?

11.) I enjoy doing laundry. I have no idea why.

12.) I used to really, really not like babies, but I am starting to come around. Just in time for Owen and Jamie to have their kid this summer!

13.) I am cripplingly indecisive. This has gotten in the way of many things. You have no idea. I hate making important choices or decisions. Or do I? I’m just not sure.

14.) My birthday is the first day of spring.

15.) I am a very bad cook. And a very poor baker, as I discovered last weekend.

16.) My brother was a very big fan of Michael Jordan when we were much younger, and as a result, to this day I know many random facts about the famous player for the Bulls. He is 6’6", and after his second retirement, he played for the Washington Wizards, but kept his number, 23. There is no reason I should know any of this. I’ve also seen "Space Jam" like a gazillion times.

17.) I have worn hearing aids since 9th grade.

18.) I am absolutely incapable of learning cards games, such as euchre. I can spell it, however.

19.) My favorite flowers are daffodils.

20.) People are always pointing out my weird food choices. For instance, I do not like french fries, pickles, ketchup, watermelons (or any other melons), anything artificially strawberry-flavored, marshmallows (unless in a s’more), or ice cream.

21.) I got my hair cut recently and I have shamelessly eaten up the attention that has brought me.

22.) I love movies. Oscar season is the best of the seasons.

23.) But not really. Because I love it when it’s summer. When will it be summer again, by the way? Soon?

24.) I "ran" track in high school. I was terrible. My brother was a pretty good hurdler. I missed out on those genes.

25.) I did at least one play every year in college. I was often cast as a real bitchy character. I tried not to read too much in to that.


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