Bring me back my faceplate, dammit.

Someone rifled through my car last night. They stole the faceplate from my car stereo, despite it being so well hidden in the arm rest. The windows weren’t broken because, lo and behold, my car was unlocked.

Someone at SNP told me right after I moved to Columbus to never leave anything of value in your car, and just leave the doors unlocked. That way, no one will break your car’s window in hopes of finding something behind a locked door. That plan has worked pretty well so far. The real key there is that you’ve got to remove anything you don’t want stolen.

I usually keep my faceplate in my purse, but yesterday I went to Giant Eagle with only my wallet. Not wanting to carry the faceplate into the store, I put it in the arm rest and locked the doors. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it back out when I got home with the groceries, and left my door unlocked.

The funny thing is, they only stole the faceplate. They tore the crap out of my glovebox and ruined most of my CDs but they didn’t steal the stereo. They tried to; the black, rectangle rim around it was pried off and left on the driver’s seat floor. A stick – that’s right, a wooden stick – was left resting on my gear shift.

My IT friend here at work thinks they were stupid enough to try to force the stereo out with said stick.

"Definiately amatuers," he said, examining my still-in-place stereo. "But, since they bothered to take the faceplate, they might just be stupid enough to come back with proper tools to try and get the rest."

I can only hope that whoever trashed my car last night will be too inexperienced and too afraid to break my car window to take it now.

I’m angry about this, but I’m mostly disappointed. Just Saturday morning, I was telling Eileen how safe I felt in Columbus, in our neighborhood. And now, it turns out someone stole my property from outside my house while I slept.

It looked so disturbing this morning, when I went to my car to go to work. The driver’s side door was slightly ajar, and I knew right then things were off. I peered in and saw the stereo’s damage, my glove compartment still open. A receipt from my last oil change was lying in the snow at my feet, forlorn. My CDs were strewn across the passenger seat and all over the floor, covered in melted snow and scratched. At that point, I still thought they’d run off with the whole stereo, and was very sad when I remembered a favorite CD was in it at the time. So now, I still have that CD, I just have no way of getting to it.

I called my boss and said I’d be late, and then I called the police. There was no point in filing a report since my car had been unlocked, but I did just the same. I think from now on I will lock my doors and then if anything does get stolen, I can at least claim insurance then. I think. I’m not really quite sure how insurance works, because I’m an idiot who doesn’t lock car doors.

Anyway, here’s some photos to commemorate this special day.

Granted, my car is usually pretty messy, but I usually remember to close the glovebox.

The stereo’s there…

The aforementioned stick. That’ll do the trick.

These CDs are ruined. Thanks, stereo thief, for hating on my musical preferences.

This is a dramatic re-enactment of what my car door looked like this morning.


4 thoughts on “Bring me back my faceplate, dammit.

  1. Glassguy says

    I would guess they were looking for drugs, jewelry or money and the faceplate and stereo were an afterthought. A pro would have gone for the stereo with the proper tools in hand. Sorry about the loss and damage though. Yes keeping it locked will mean they will break the window. Might check with the insurance and see about a really low or zero deductible on your comprehensive coverage.


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