Poll time

I’m counting on all eight of you. With the understanding that you know little to nothing about the script I am writing, what should I title this film?

a. I should name it after one of the main characters and call it "Jen" or "Alex," just like "Juno" and "Alphie".
b. I should sell out completely and name it after any public place that will allow me to film there, such as "Spinelli’s" or "Goodale Park".
c. I should name it something crytic, like "Buttermilk," or "Jelly," just like that terrible dystopian society movie "Brazil" that Brandon made me watch last weekend.
d. I should call it "It Happened One Night" and hope no one confuses it with the 1934 screwball comedy so often used in film classes.

It’s up to you, dear readers. I need a title, if for nothing else than just so I can change my Google document name of "Untitled movie project".


3 thoughts on “Poll time

  1. You should name it after a line of dialogue, like “Back to the Future,” so when the character says it, everyone can look at the person next to them and say, “OMF TAHTS WHERE THEY GOT TEH TITTLE@!!!!!!!111one!11!”

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