Script update part four, or so

Also, I have been doing some more writing in the evenings this week. I took the scenes I had, wrote some more sequential ones as well as a non-sequential scene encompassing the climax. The trouble is, once I got it formatted semi-properly, I realized it is already 16 pages. Considering I was limiting myself to 30 and I had already been thinking of cutting that down to 20-25, this does not bode well.

Maybe three flashback scenes aren’t necessary…

Do I have any Columbus-area volunteers who will let me film a scene or two at their apartment? Also, does anyone have a few spare lamps I can borrow for the next several months? The lighting at my place is treacherous.

I have 22 days to finish this script, have my willing team of editors look at it and send it back, and send it out to the masses. The new deadline for finishing it is now Tuesday, Feb. 17, I have just now decided. That will give me all of Monday the 16th (Presidents’ Day) to write, since I have the day off and Brandon doesn’t. No excuses!

The bright side is, my story has a beginning with effective character set-up, a middle with a confrontation, twist and climax, and a satisfactory ending. In the early stages, that’s all you can really hope for, I’d imagine.


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