Wish me luck

The legislative summit/conference is tomorrow. You will not see or hear from me until Thursday at the earliest, and that is provided, of course, I get out of it alive. Also, it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow. I can’t wait to carry two giant posters on foam board into the Riffe Center at 7 a.m. in a thunderstorm. It’s going to be terrific! You’ll see. Does anyone have any gigantic garbage bags or other water-resistant materials on hand?

Speaking of me shamelessly begging my readers for material goods, thanks to reader Paul for offering me a floor lamp to use for my film project. That will definitely be an asset, since my film’s budget for lighting is somewhere around $10. Eh, make that $8.

In other news this week, Eileen’s birthday is Thursday and she is getting a group to go out to dinner to celebrate. Also that night, the roommate and I may see "He’s Just Not That Into You" and throw popcorn at the screen in angry-girl protest. Since we both have long-term boyfriends we won’t really be that angry, of course, but we can pretend, for the sake of the solidarity of wronged ladies, past and present. Oh, and I love Jennifer Aniston and will mindlessly support any film she does. Even "The Break Up."

I’ve been watching way too much Ricky Gervais comedy lately, and luckily for me, I just got another e-mail from the library saying both season two of "Extras" and "The Office" Christmas special are in for me to pick up. I am more excited for the special, but Brandon likes "Extras" way more than "The Office."

"It’s just too hard to watch," he said. "It’s painful. And TV should not hurt."

We went through a "Coupling" phase in college, but never watched beyond the third season. Why do BBC shows wrap up so much sooner than American shows? Is there a British equivalent to "Friends," something that ran for ten seasons? Even "Will & Grace" got eight.


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