Forgive me, Mother Nature

I’ve surely killed a forest with all the things I’ve printed by accident.

We have a variety of printers to choose from here, depending on the document you are printing. Our color one has given me trouble from day one, and as a result I have a large stack of paper on one of my desks that chronicles my printing mishaps. When you select this particular printer, the settings revert back to the last time you used it. For example, if you made, say, 200 copies of a fact sheet for a legislative summit in full color, then the next time you use it when the black and white printer is out of ink, that printer is going to spit out 200 copies of the three-page document you wanted one copy of to give to your boss. And until you get up out of your chair to get your one copy, you have no idea what that evil printer is plotting. Your only hope is that you discover your error before someone else does and asks why you needed to print 600 pages of an article from The Dispatch.

For every major print job I’ve done here, this error has occurred shortly after as a result. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to catch myself before others. But since I don’t have the heart to dump the paper, it has collected in said pile, as if someday, there will be a desperate need for a few hundred pieces of 8 1/2" x 11" paper with one side already printed on.

Someday… Or, someday I will be able to smuggle it all into the recycling without anyone raising questions, such as why I am recycling a large stack of campaign literature from October.


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