It is finished

And it’s just beginning. Here’s the note I posted last night on facebook as well.

I finished the script I have been working on for a few weeks today. I have been telling myself that it’s not any good until I’ve gotten some people on board to be in this with me. If I’ve tagged you, it’s because you are:

1. In the Columbus area
2. Interested in film/theatre/being an awesome friend
3. Devastatingly good-looking.

You are likely some combination of the three.

Please see the below info for a synopsis of my 33-page script, a cast of characters, and a list of non-acting roles. If you are in any way interested, please let me know.

Your level of involvement is up to you. Don’t want a big role? That’s fine. Don’t want to be on camera? Cool. I am of course hoping some of you will want these things. Right?

Rough production schedule:

March 1: begin casting/rehearsing
March 28: begin filming (weather permitting)

Filming days will mostly be weekends, but also on any evenings when necessary cast and crew are available for various scenes.

April 30: begin editing/post-production
May 31: complete film.


This (untitled) movie is about Jen and Alex. A misunderstood event from the past has led them to end their blossoming relationship, after Alex is convinced Jen has cheated on him. They meet up again at a party of a mutual friend. Jen has no idea what she is supposed to have done wrong, and believes that Alex ditched her for no reason at another party a few months earlier. The conniving Bridget, who is interested in Alex, saw Jen helping a drunk guy at that party, and convinced an already-fragile Alex that Jen had been unfaithful. When Alex sees Jen again, he is very rude to her. The events of the past are re-hashed by the main characters to their closest friends, until a confrontation at the end reveals the truth — and that Bridget is to blame.

Cast of characters:

JEN: Main lady
ALEX: Main guy
BRIDGET: The villain
CASSIE: The villain’s innocent, sweet friend
MEREDITH: Jen’s friend, hostess of the party
JASON: Alex’s best friend; kind of like Seth Rogan.
MARK: A rude, condescending PR guy; Kendra’s boyfriend.
KENDRA: A rude, heartless preschool teacher; dating Mark. Kind of Amy Pohler-like.
LINDSEY: Jen’s co-worker
RYAN: Jen’s date for the party, and closeted country music fan
FAULKNER: Clueless guy who gets advice from Jason
MAKE-OUT GUY: Bridget’s excuse for skipping the party
DRUNKGUY: Guy who gets Jen in a lot of trouble

Additional Info:

1. There is a need for at least two extras with lines.
2. Two extras who can portray non-speaking smokers are needed.
3. Kendra and Bridget are smoking roles.
4. Roles that involve kissing:
    -Make-out guy
    -Drunk guy

5. Roles that are only in one scene:
    -Make-out guy
    -Drunk Guy

Non-acting roles:

If you don’t want to be on camera but would still like to help, there are many things I could use help with on set and off.

I will need people to:

1) run props, and gather props ahead of time
2) make sure stuff doesn’t get stolen during exterior shots
3) make and set out food for cast and crew
4) give me ideas of businesses to write letters to, pleading for food donations
5) People (preferably in Columbus, but not necessarily) to let me shoot one or more scenes at their apartment
6) let me borrow lamps or any additional lighting
7) People who would be interested in helping me storyboard the script (artistic eyes!)
8) General assistants for shooting days

If you have any interest in doing this, even for one day of filming, please let me know and I will get you on the schedule.

This is probably the biggest thing I’ve ever done, and it’s not really characteristic of me to try to organize something so ambitious, but I am incredibly curious as to whether or not I can pull this off. Pass it on.

Your friend,



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