It’s coming along.

What I Have:

3 girls and 4 guys willing to do at least a small part. I got one of my friends to do the leading female role, which is awesome, because I sorta had her in mind as I wrote it.

I now have at least two of my eight settings covered; the primary action, aka, the party, will be filmed at my place, and another willing volunteer has offered her and her husband’s house for shooting, which is awesome. I think John said I could film a scene at his place in Cincinnati as well, so I should follow up on that if something can be done there in one day. How I am going to film the opening restaurant scene is beyond me. Anyone got restaurant/food industry connections?

Two friends have volunteered to help prepare food. I still have to send out letters requesting food donations. Kinda waiting on that until I have a full cast and a definite start date for filming.

What I Need:

At least 3 more girls and at least 3 more guys. Extras will be needed to make the party scenes look… like a party. Easy job, right? Play Guitar Hero in the background and/or playing flip cup in the kitchen?


1 restaurant interior and exterior
1 park
1 office building exterior
1 bedroom
1 living room (could be same apartment as 1 bedroom)
1 apt (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom…. preferably with stairs)

(Two or more of these may be taken care of through my current location volunteers.)


Donations, and lots of them. Pizza, finger food, beverages.

Additional equipment needs

An external microphone
Lamps and other lighting
Props, including red cups (you know, the Silo ones), Rock Band/Guitar Hero accessories… that’s really about it for props.

This is coming along. I am going to see if the people who have gotten back to me will be able to meet up March 1 so I can start casting and distribute hard copies of the script. Anyone know where I can get lots of cheap copies made? Kinko’s = NOT CHEAP.


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