Waiting for the Watchmen

I started reading "The Watchmen" this weekend. Brandon has already read it, but my brother lent me his copy a week ago. Brandon and I started reading it aloud together Saturday, alternating pages. Then yesterday, he read the extra material between chapters (mostly without pictures) out loud while I cleaned the living room and kitchen. It was kind of nice. I think we might finish the second half tonight, well in time for the March 6 release date of the movie.

One night a couple weeks ago, my friend Nathan from back home called me at 1 a.m. on a week night to try to arrange plans for him and some people to come to Columbus to go see the movie on an IMAX screen once it’s out. You just can’t stay mad at Nathan, and I may have made some half-asleep arrangements. We’ll see.

My dad hopped a plane to California this morning to go visit his brother, my uncle Drew. Drew turns 50 on Wednesday, and he doesn’t get to see family too often anymore. He did manage to make it home for my mom’s funeral, but he hasn’t been able to come home for Christmas for a few years now. Anyway, Dad and Drew are going to L.A. this week, right after the Oscars have ended. Pretty exciting stuff. I will make it out to the west coast someday, sigh…

Since Dad’s gone, I’ve got the dog and the cat again until Friday (or rather, Saturday morning). It was fine walking the dog three times a day last time when she was here in September, but taking her out this morning at 6 a.m., it was cooooold… and Steve the cat attacked my face in the middle of the night again, as he so often does.

But speaking of the Oscars, I called it all wrong this year. "Slumdog" swept it up in almost every category it was nominated for this year, while I’d put my money on "Benjamin Button." You don’t get 13 nominations for nothing, do you? Apparently, if you only snag three of them.

Yesterday my dad took me, Brandon, Owen and Jamie out to dinner at Hoggy’s to celebrate Jamie’s birthday, which was Saturday. She has been working Saturdays to build up time to take off when she has the baby. She is tougher than I am, woah. She’s due in mid-June and I can’t WAIT. I probably won’t be asked to babysit any time soon though, because I tripped a toddler at the restaurant last night. Okay, she ran out in front of me when I was getting up, and she tripped on my big foot and went down like a pile of bricks, but I was still pretty traumatized. I knelt down, horrified, and she just kind of looked up at me and stood back up. The parents were pretty unfazed. Must happen a lot.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for the Watchmen

  1. Oh yeah, I totally called the Oscars right this year, only because I’d seen Benjamin Button and hated it. It was poorly edited and nearly 3 hours long. I was so bored in the middle, and I thought I would actually like the movie when I went in. I basically predicted it would lose most of its nominations out of spite.

    Everyone I know who saw Slumdog Millionaire though, like my mom, thought it was really, really great. I tried to see it but by then it wasn’t in any theaters near me. But because of that I knew it would win most of its nominations…just like I knew Heath Ledger would get his Oscar.

    I also knew that Kate Winslet would win, because she won the Golden Globes and that’s usually a prelude, but I didn’t know that Sean Penn would get an oscar for his role in Milk. That was sort of surprising. I had just seen Milk two nights before and man, that was a tear-jerker; there was water coming out of my eyes for most of the second half. I’m glad Brad pitt didn’t win, coz he really wasn’t that good in Button, his performance was very stiff.

    You really should visit the west coast, but not LA, the next time you come! haha…LA is fine to visit, but it does horrible things to you when you actually live there. Make sure to visit the Bay Area when you get around to it. You can sleep at my place!

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