Learn something new every day

This week has been pretty laid back compared to the last couple. But now it’s time to start a fresh round of the agency newsletters I had to do when I first started, when the Nov. 4 election was the deadline. These aren’t quite so urgent, but I want to get all four of them out next month. And now that I’ve done them, I have more confidence in my abilities. Throw together a draft, wait for it to get torn apart, and make whatever changes people tell me to. My mistake before was spending hours and hours on each detail of the initial draft, only to be crushed by the feedback and hefty changes I was given. No more!

Our graphic designer is going to be out on disability, as I mentioned earlier, so I will be taking on some of her duties over the next couple months. I need to brush up on the skills I learned from that Adobe Illustrator class.

We are going out to lunch together this Friday to celebrate the end of our giant project that is now pushed out the door. I really feel like I took to that project well, and contributed a fair share. Sometimes I feel bad at work when I do something, and then someone else takes what I did and makes it the way it’s supposed to be. On the plus side, I am learning more every day.

Brandon and I are almost out of both "Friends" episodes and Watchmen issues. What’ll we do now? At least I’ve got plenty of movie-planning to keep me busy in the evenings. I am trying to set up an initial meeting for actors this Sunday afternoon.


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