At it again

Much like this time last year, the apartment hunt has begun. The lease is up May 1, and with Christina moving to Dublin, it doesn’t look like Brandon and I will be staying where we are. I had hoped we would be able to, because I love our place, but it’s a little out of Brandon’s price range, to suddenly be paying half rent and utilities instead of a third as he has been.

We looked at an apartment yesterday, available May 1, at Highland and Hubbard, less than a block from where I lived with Doug and Chandra last winter. I was reluctant, because Brandon was told the building originally housed three units that had been renovated into nine. That sounded like a major decrease in square footage to me. But the price was right; at $525 including utilities (!) the cost would be less than half what one of us would be paying to stay another year at our place in Italian Village (averaging in utilities).

We went there at 5:20 p.m. and walked around a little before the landlord got there. It was a nice block, with an awesome (but pretty fancy) little Italian restaurant DIRECTLY behind the building. It’s just too bad the inside of the apartment didn’t match the exterior.

Let me describe it to you: it’s pretty small. It’s a living room when you walk in, and then there is a wide doorway to the single bedroom… and you have to go through it to get to the kitchen. It has a pretty, uh, non-traditional layout. The best part is… the bathroom. It is across the hall. You have to leave your apartment to use it. It has a key and lock, but it’s still pretty weird.

The rooms are decently sized, but then again, there’s only like three of them. We laughed it off last night, but this morning Brandon made his budgetary needs pretty clear. We are putting in our notice with our landlord with the rent check tomorrow. He and I are actually considering living there, never, ever allowing company or our parents over to see the squalor in which we reside, and just living dirt cheap for a year.

Are we crazy? Is this a terrible idea? We aren’t sure if we are on to something here, or if we are just freaking out at the prospect of paying a crap load of rent at our current place once Christina moves out. We are keeping it on the back burner. Brandon’s been checking Craigslist every day, all day, so if something comes up, we will know about it. I can’t bear to look myself, because we’ve seen too many amazing places get snatched up within days. But ultimately, I’ve decided I’d rather live in a dump in an awesome neighborhood we know and love for a year than make the inevitable migration north to Clintonville too soon, while we are still young and struggling. Call me a romantic.

I can just see us in that little place. We have a fight, and I yell "I’m going to be in the kitchen, and you BETTER not come in here!" I storm off, with no door to slam. Brandon gets all huffy and locks himself in the bathroom across the hall. It’s going to be fabulous.


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