Entertainment update

This week, I have had two distant connections with recently-won Oscars. The first was was my dad. He and my uncle went to the Santa Monica pier Tuesday and saw a group of tourists getting their pictures taken with a guy who won an Oscar for this movie, I do believe. He didn’t speak English, and there was a Japanese translator there. Anyway, he was there on the pier with his Oscar, and my uncle offered to take someone’s picture with him for them. My dad then took a picture of my uncle taking a picture of said Oscar. Picture to be posted, I am sure.

Secondly, a co-worker’s husband’s brother worked on the digital effects for "Benjamin Button." She sent out a photo of him holding his Oscar. It is kind of funny to see a photo of a normal person holding one, not someone on a stage wearing a ballgown.

I forgot to mention it, but Friday the 13th was Brandon’s lucky day. He won tickets to see the Decemberists in June. I unsuccessfully hinted to him this morning about the upcoming Ben Folds show in Cleveland the day after my birthday. He asked if I could get his ticket. Happy birthday to meee! Boys and hints don’t always go together.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with my relatives for my aunt’s birthday. I haven’t seen any of them in well over a month, so that will be nice. I hope it doesn’t pour out there like it’s supposed to.

No one can meet Sunday for my movie, so I am asking people if Monday evening is any better for them. Sighh… it’s hard to organize a group of people with different schedules.

Also on Tuesday, my uncle recognized an actor from "Desperate Housewives." The gay lawyer was in the area, but as it turns out, he’s not *really* gay, since he was there with his family.


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