Medical mystery

So, a couple weeks ago I noticed this small knot on the inner side of my right lower leg. I only noticed it when shaving or putting on lotion, basically whenever I put pressure on it. Well, on Wednesday, it swelled suddenly and hurt like a bee-yatch. It got all red and it hurt to walk. I really felt like I’d gotten hit by a bus that day, and I just went home and laid down. Brandon called his mom (a nurse) and described it to her, and during her analysis I realized another similar small knot had begun to form on my other leg, on my shin bone.

I don’t really have a regular doctor yet, so I asked my HR lady at work what to do yesterday afternoon. The swelling had gone down a lot by yesterday, so I knew the worst was over, but I was still concerned about the status of the OTHER bump. My HR lady was pretty horrified when she made me show it it to her, and recommended I go directly to Urgent Care down the road. I asked my boss and she wanted to see it too, and she told me to go as well. It was very strange having my boss, my HR lady, two doctors and a nurse poke at my leg yesterday, but so it goes.

I went to where my co-workers had suggested, but they weren’t terribly definite about what it is. They seemed a little alarmed when I told them about the second one. They gave me a couple prescriptions and said if it gets worse (or doesn’t get better) I need to see a doctor because it might be blood clots. They seemed to think this was unlikely though, and now I am on steroids. Arggghhhh! Just kidding. They also gave me a prescription for a pain killer, but that seemed a little extreme, since Christina’s dose of Advil worked just fine when it was at its worst Wednesday, so I opted out of getting that one filled.

Besides, the only other time I was prescribed Vicodin was when I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 15. All I remember of that special day was my mom and her friend Lynne having to help me go to the bathroom in a CVS, while I loudly sang "Yellow Submarine," which may or may not have been playing over the loudpseaker.

Yesterday’s experience actually made me think a lot about my mom. I don’t think I have had to go see a doctor alone before, and I thought about all the doctors I had to see when I was little, for my hearing problems. I remember my mom asking a lot of questions and thinking, those are good things to ask, why didn’t I think of that? And I would feel bad for not being able to remember all the stuff the doctor said to do, but that it was okay, because my mom always remembered. I know my dad took me to an appointment once when I was in college, but when I was a kid, it was almost always my mom.

I also remember my mom’s experience with steroids when she was sick, and I am dreading how I may be feeling this week because of them. "You’ll be up all night," my boss said when I told her about them. They made my mom absolutely ravenous, and they messed with her mood a bit. I don’t like taking medicine to begin with, and this regimine seems a little extreme, but I really don’t want that second knot to go the way of the first, or for any other knots to surface. So, we’ll see…


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