Project Update #6 or so

I am meeting with about a half dozen actors tonight at 7. I have made up a questionnaire for them to fill out, answering questions about what type of role they would accept. Small, big, speaking, non-speaking, smoking, kissing, etc. I will be distributing copies of scripts as well, after buying a dozen binders from Costco yesterday. I’m making stuffed mushrooms and a couple other snacks. That’s a whole different fun aspect of this project: making finger food for company.

On Wednesday, I am visiting the home of a married couple I know who have offered their place as a filming locale, and they are also willing to make food for cast and crew shooting there. Very, very awesome. Also, the husband is letting me use some of his music as well, so now he and John are both contributing to the original soundtrack.

I also made several copies of a flier to hang around the area, asking for actors to volunteer, with tear strips with my information on them. I ran into a dead end when I realized I had no idea where to hang them, however, aside from good ol’ Spinelli’s, the only place I really knew had a public bulletin board. I googled "local theatre groups, Columbus, Ohio" and that gave me some results, so I guess I will just head to those addresses with fliers in hand and hope for the best. I will also check out coffee shops in the Short North and German Village.

I have had a couple people say they can’t take on a role after all, or else they can’t have as big a role as they would like, but I’ve decided I am just happy to be able to get some of my friends to be part of this. Working with strangers was not the original game plan, but who is to say it isn’t a good direction in order for this to take off?

12 one-half inch binders, $17

Purchases to be made:

External lapel mic, compatible with camera
Mini DV tapes

In other news, Brandon and I saw "Fanboys" Friday night. For a movie we have been looking out for for this long, it lived up to the hype pretty well. That was a busy night. I met Eileen for coffee at the German Village Cup O’ Joe for a few hours, saw that movie at 9, and then picked up my dad from the airport at midnight.

Saturday, we didn’t do a whole lot, but we did go out to breakfast at Northstar with my dad before he left. The medication I am on for my legs has indeed had an impact on my appetite, and that day, I think I ate three very rich pancakes, a dozen garlic parmesan chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, a slice of cheesecake, and uncountable chocolate chip cookies from an impromptu purchase at Giant Eagle. I better hit the gym pretty soon before this all catches up with me.


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