Apartment hunt over?

Brandon and I looked at three places last night. We are applying for two of them. One is on West 2nd Ave., and the other is actually on High Street in the 600 block (north). I liked the 2nd Ave. place better, because it has a shared porch and a bit more space and feels more like a house, but the High Street location is the perfect example of urban living. It’s a loft apartment above a gallery and a clothing store and it’s in a nice building with a buzzer. Just like on TV.

Tonight my friends from back home are coming in to town just to see “Watchmen” on the IMAX screen at Easton. Brandon and I are actually going to see it again the next day, with my brother and our friend Joe, since they can’t make it tonight. I hope we’ll feel like seeing it again. If not, I will probably go shopping on my own instead.

On Saturday night we are having dinner at Jake and Abby’s house and hanging out. Sunday morning, we’re going to meet up with my friend Mark from back home for brunch. He’s been living in German Village this whole time and I’ve never been to see him since I moved here. It will be nice to see him again. Brandon’s only met him once, the month we started dating, like four and a half years ago, at a Halloween party in the middle of nowhere.

In movie news, my lack of actors issue seems to have pretty much been resolved in 24 hours, so that is a relief. I can actually start putting together the shooting schedule and have rehearsals. I am pretty sure everyone is going to be cast by Thursday. Amazing. Now my number one obstacle is the food thing, so I can focus on that this weekend before auditions Wednesday night. Doing a google search on “feeding a crowd for cheap” brings up some interesting ideas. It’s time to make good use of that Costco membership. Where else can you buy 85 fruit roll-ups and 11 pounds of Chex Mix in bulk? I am also thinking of making up a big batch of sloppy joes and having a taco bar. On that note, I am totally still taking volunteers to create fun, cheap meals at my expense for the next several weekends. Doesn’t that sound like a good time?

I got a rejection letter from Wendy’s. They actually took the time to mail back my self-addressed stamped envelope just to send me a two-sentence rejection on Wendy’s letterheaded paper. I was so excited when I saw it in the mail, and was picturing all the dollar-menu items I could buy with whatever they sent me. Not so much.


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