A copy disaster

I made six more copies of the screenplay last night at the library. I’d made the previous copies on Brandon’s computer, but I didn’t want to put his printer through too much more. I also had never made copies at the library before. if you haven’t either, let me tell you all about it. If you sign in to use a computer and tell it to print 6 copies of 35 pages each, you are in for a surprise. You can’t do it by yourself. You have to keep the separate computer at the printer station active while you force feed the machine next to it money, or else it times you out after 45 seconds and spits your money back out in the form of quarters. And believe me, no one can feed $20 worth of quarters into a machine in 45 seconds.

So after trying to do that very thing, I went home extremely frustrated. I had to have those copies by tonight, for the auditions. Brandon went back there with me after dinner and helped me print, feed the machine money, hole-punch, and bind all the copies. He also stopped me from having a nervous breakdown, which is always appreciated.

Expenses: Copies, $21

I made some snacks to serve as well, but I still have to stop on my way home to buy some pop because we’ve got nothing to drink.

After I do tonight’s screen test and auditions, I am hoping to cast most parts, if not all of them. I think I’ve got four guys and four girls coming tonight, although I’ve kind of lost count, almost. One woman said there was no way she was going to an audition at some stranger’s house, so she wants to meet over the weekend at a coffee shop instead. I may not actually need her, but I want to keep her in mind just the same.

Next stop: draft the shooting schedule, starting Saturday, March 28.


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