Movie update #7 or so

Last night’s audtions went okay, I guess. I only had three guys and one woman come, but they all seemed really professional and enthusiastic. I had them all read for a variety of parts, and they were all so good. Before they left, I had them write down their names on a slip of paper, with their top three preferences for parts. This was extremely helpful for the woman, because I felt she could be well suited for any role, but the guys all put down the same parts in the same order, except for one guy’s third choice. So I am hoping they will accept the parts I give them tomorrow when I e-mail them.

I put up another Craigslist post asking for three actors for smaller roles in the film. A few guys have gotten back to me already. One guy had this amazing web site about all the work he has done, including both acting AND directing. His experience level is a little intimidating, but I hope I can have a conversation with him about the directing he’s done, at the very least. He’s also managed to get at least one short film accepted by some film festivals, which I guess would be the ultimate goal for the finished product down the road.

Becca and Brandon were both there last night, thank God. I was a nervous wreck with all those strangers, until we really got going with the readings. Plus, no one ate any of the snacks I made, and so they both helped me eat a plate of stuffed mushrooms and a bowl of fresh fruit after everyone left.

If I take a role, I will have three female and four male roles cast. There are three women who e-mailed and said they couldn’t make it last night, so I am trying to set up times to meet with them individually. Hopefully craigslist will help me get some guys to meet this Monday so I can get the rest of those parts cast.

In case you were wondering how the whole writing businesses and asking for hand-outs thing went, I can tell you it did not go well. I got three rejections and two return-to-senders out of the 35 or so letters I mailed three weeks ago. I gambled, and I lost. However, Beth from House Church was my one private food donor, and I still have two awesome ladies who are willing to prepare some food a couple different days.


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