Oh, I am so BACK.

I’ve developed a bad habit over the past two weeks.

It started when I went to Tim Horton’s a while ago on my lunch break. Near my office, there is a most convenient gas station/post office/Tim Horton’s where I went to to get stamps. On my way out, I got an apple cider and an apple fritter from Tim’s. I guess I was missing autumn (not likely). They were both delicious, and suddenly I was hooked on the Horton’s.

I started going there in the mornings before work last week, after I discovered that before 11 a.m., they serve this amazing oatmeal with berries. I think it might be a test market thing, because I can’t find any nutrition facts for it online. So, I started rewarding myself for going to the gym at 6 a.m. by getting some oatmeal to eat at my desk. It’s been a pretty good motivational tool until today, when I rewarded myself for, um, waking up early enough to make it to the Tim Horton’s drive through.

As I ordered my usual oatmeal and chocolate milk (yes, I am eight), I was sheepish because I actually recognized the voice of the morning shift guy. That is never a good sign. I pulled around and paid, and as he handed me my order, he said, “Did anyone ever tell you you resemble Kate Hudson?”

The appropriate reply would have been something like, No, no one has ever said that, thank you. But in my glee, I responded a little too honestly.

“Oh my GOD, I used to get that all the time,” I told the random man in the drive through window. “Thank you! You just made my day.”

Then I drove off beaming like an idiot. Despite Kate Hudson’s insistence on straightening her hair and doing THE worst film projects conceivable, I am BACK.

Unfortunately, I now can never go back to that Tim Horton’s. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Those apple fritters were going to be the death of me.


3 thoughts on “Oh, I am so BACK.

  1. Meryl! I thought I warned you about the evils of Tim Horton’s when you have a little extra time before work!! I wanted you to learn from my mistakes, but the force was too strong… 🙂

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