Weekend plans

Tonight after work I am meeting a guy from craigslist who is interested in buying my old camera. If he does, that would be pretty awesome, because I owe Brandon that much money from when I bought my NEW camera.

Then, Brandon, Eileen and I are driving to Marion to this restaurant Eileen knows about where you can get a giant steak dinner. You know, to celebrate the fact that I went to the gym twice this week. That’s not counter-productive at all.

Tomorrow I have two assemblies to cover for work, and at 1, I am meeting an actress about a part for the movie. I’m meeting another actress Wednesday, which is a long time from now, but I will survive.

Sunday, I have no plans. I’m pretty excited about that. Next weekend is my birthday, and if my boss takes pity on me and doesn’t make me cover an event the day of, I think I may take Brandon home for the weekend to see some people I haven’t seen since before the holidays. And if she does make me work, at least I’ll get paid like $160 in mileage to drive to Toledo. I can live with that.

I sent an e-mail out to the people I have cast, and I now have three men and three women cast in my film. Only three men and three women more to go, sigh… Casting sucks. On the plus side, I am almost done with the tentative shooting schedule, and it might not take 6-8 weeks to film 35 pages of a screenplay after all. My schedule is likely to run up until the last weekend in April at the latest. I’ll post that once it’s finished.


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