Casting continues, terror mounts

Six guys are coming to read for three parts tonight at 7. Based on last week’s audition’s expected turn out vs. real turn out, this means three guys will be coming to read for three parts, and that’s fine with me. Over the weekend, I cast a woman in the part of Kendra, which was the role I was considering taking on myself, but I know she will be really good for the part. So instead, I am playing Cassie, the villain’s sweet, good-natured friend. Not as fun as playing a snarky lady, but it will be cool. Cassie has less screen time anyway, so it will probably be a less-hectic part for me.

Also this weekend, I ordered a relatively inexpensive shotgun mic. I called Brandon’s dad, who used to do some recording work on the side for fun, and he knew exactly what to recommend. He also found a good resource for me,, which has a lot of great information for first-time filmmakers. Now if only I could find a hockey stick, ala Kevin Smith, to duct tape the mic to in lieu of a boom mic pole.

I am meeting with my last actress on Wednesday, and I have her in mind for the final and most difficult role to cast– Bridget, the villain. Based on a good suggestion from my brother, I re-wrote the ending over the weekend involving her character, and I think it’s really going to work.

On the downside, it sure is a good thing my production schedule I drafted Saturday only has this thing running up until the end of April, because Brandon and I have to be moved out by May 31. We thought it was the first, but it turns out we have our last month there free. Today, we are signing a lease on an apartment just south of Clintonville, but we are signing for an April 1 lease. Not ideal, since we’ll be paying double rent that month (although not in May). But it’s a great place, and we have to act on it now if we want it. We toured it Saturday and loved it. We put in our deposit with our applications that day. It’s beautiful and has plenty of space, and it *even* has a bathroom within the unit and NOT across the hall. So, next month, we will be moving all the stuff I don’t want in any of the film’s shots, and once the movie is wrapped up, we are renting a U-Haul for the rest of it. This, of course, puts a pretty firm deadline on the completion of filming, since most of it takes place at the apartment, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next six weeks, no matter how cumbersome and painful that may get after a while.

I was looking at Studio 35’s web site yesterday to see what movies they have coming in soon, and I saw that you can actually rent the theater to screen your own movie if you want to. The price wasn’t listed, but I am definitely interested. That would be so awesome, inviting my friends and family and all the cast and crew to a premiere of the final product. A friend in Cincinnati works in the marketing field, and she offered early on to help me promote my movie when the time came. Obviously, that is a while from now, since production has yet to begin, but it’s a lot of fun to imagine.

Once all the parts are cast, I am going to have  everyone over to do a read-through before filming starts next Saturday, probably next Monday night.

I have been so busy with the movie and the casting process (the process that stretched longer than I’d imagined) that I keep forgetting my birthday is coming up. A co-worker found out about it, and she organized a lunch for our department to celebrate. Also, at our company, your birthday is a paid holiday, so even if I do end up having to work on it, I will get to take a different day off regardless, AND another day off, since I will be working 8 hours, what with driving time and the length of the event.

Expenses: shotgun mic, $52 (free shipping)


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