Surly says YES

I have a restaurant that is willing to let me film in it and it is a block and a half from where I am filming the REST of my movie. Life is good. If they hadn’t called, the back-up plan was not going to be pretty. Trust me.

However, as it so often goes, there is a challenge in this. I was hoping we could come in and film from 8-10 on a weekend morning, since they are open from 11 a.m.-2 a.m. every day (including Saturday and Sunday) but they recently started serving brunch on the weekends, and that has been keeping them pretty busy. So, the general manager is proposing a weekday, from 2 – 5-ish.

I have no idea what my three necessary actors’ work schedules are like during the week, since I recruited them based on the plan that filming would be on weekends and some weeknights. I have e-mailed them and asked them if there are any days between now and April 17 that they could make it during that time, so here’s to hoping for the best. One guy already got back to me and said he works second shift, so any day works fine for him.

I’m not gonna lie, Brandon and I went to the restaurant last night after work for happy hour. Even though I hadn’t heard back yet, I couldn’t help going over there to scope it out again. We got our usual red bean hummus and a couple other appetizers we hadn’t tried yet.

I am making my shot list up for the scenes this weekend. That is where you make a check list of the shots you will need once you sit down to edit. For example, there will be an establishing shot of the house we are filming at, and some cutaways that will really quickly show things like someone holding a wine glass, a close-up of someone laughing, and stuff like that to edit in to the main action. The main action requires a whole different list, especially since the scenes we are doing are going to show two people’s different perspectives of something that happened.

And since I only have one camera, I’ll have to shoot the scenes with the camera on Becca and Ryan, and then shoot them again with the camera on Melissa. And I will have to avoid mirrors at any cost, because I’m going to kick myself if I play any footage back and see the camera looking right back at me.

To purchase this weekend:

1. Camera bag

2. New tripod?

3. Two waitress aprons

4. Two navy blue t-shirts

5. Mirrors from craigslist to be placed in green room area


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