I’m engaged!

April Fools.

I knew it was going to be a bad day when I woke up and read a news article Brandon e-mailed me about the best April Fool’s Day gags ever pulled.

“Crap!” I wrote back to him from our place. “I meant to get up early and get to work before everyone else and prank ’em.”

Weeks and weeks ago I found this site and selected a prank for each of my four department members: cover someone’s stuff in tin foil, place a hefty sheet of bubble wrap under my boss’s desk chair mat, etc. At the very least, I was going to show up a half hour early and switch around everyone’s name plates outside their offices (edgy, I know). There’s only five of us so it’s not like it would take a long time to un-do.

I wrote myself a reminder in my calendar on my computer at the office that was supposed to pop up yesterday afternoon (yes, I am a loser). Unfortunately, I didn’t go into the office yesterday because of the lobby day I attended. Drat. Foiled again!

So, without make up or dry hair, I left the house this morning in hopes of getting to the office even before our web editor, who comes in before everyone else. But before I left, I checked my bank balance online and saw that I was nearly broke, because our new landlord cashed our first month’s rent and I forgot to ask Brandon for his half. So I called Brandon on my way to work to discuss this and, distracted, I managed to miss my exit.

Did you know there’s not another exit on I-71 northbound after Polaris/Gemini for ten whole miles? I didn’t until today. I pray to Jesus I never miss my exit again. So I drove an extra 25 minutes to work today and got there 10 minutes late. It sure is a good thing I left early. That would be embarrassing to explain. Kids, don’t drive and talk.

Not wanting to let a perfectly good April Fool’s Day to go to waste, around 10 a.m. I posted on facebook that I was engaged. A couple people figured it out right away, but a lot of people told me congratulations and stuff. Unfortunately, the prank was directed at people who frequently ask when Brandon and I are going to get married, and I ended up getting sincere well-wishes from high school friends I haven’t heard from in a long time instead of my target audience. So for about five hours I just kinda felt bad.

People I most regret punking with my fake engagement:

1. A Muskingum connection, who was so excited for me that she sent me a “Couple getting engaged at the spoon holder” via New Concord gifts;

2. Brandon’s aunt (whoops);

3. The friend of an ex-boyfriend I haven’t spoken to since I broke up with his friend, who will likely now tell his friend that I am engaged. Do’h!

Facebook pranking: Faster. Easier. Lazier.

Maybe I put too many exclamation points after “Meryl is engaged” and that made it a little too convincing. It’s not official until the “relationship status” is changed, people. Get with the program.

I love April Fools Day. There was this one year when I got my dad to eat an Oreo that I had replaced the cream filling with toothpaste. He didn’t actually notice until my brother and I started laughing.

Owen got me good when we were kids. I am not exactly a morning person and I guess I wasn’t when I was ten, either. He put a handful of dry cat food in the bottom of my cereal bowl that morning before school. It took me a while to figure out what was up as well, so I must have got that from my dad, but at least I did eventually notice that my Lucky Charms tasted a little funny toward the bottom.


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