Sort of.

Last night I got home before Brandon so I made a nice dinner, since he almost always cooks on weeknights. While I was out and about I rented a couple movies at Blockbuster. After being so impressed with Kristen Stewart in “Adventureland,” I decided to finally give “Twilight” a chance. I also rented “Quantum of Solace” on Blu-ray so Brandon would be somewhat less disappointed when I annouced I would be watching a teenage vampire romance in the living room while working on baby shower invitations.

It turns out I am not a pre-teen girl, and therefore did not swoon over “Twilight”. That Edward guy everyone gushes over is just strange-looking to me, although I don’t think any less of Stewart. After all, she didn’t write those cheeseball lines.

Here’s hoping for some better luck with “Quantum” later this week.

I am meeting with some people who might replace the actor who played Ryan tomorrow at 6. After that, I am going to a friend’s house with some other people to decorate traditional Pysanky Easter eggs. What is a traditional Pysanky Easter egg, you ask? I’m not sure. I hope someone tells me when I get there tomorrow.

After struggling to wake up in the morning to go to the gym the past couple weeks, I am trying a new strategy and going after work today. Considering every other time I’ve had this intention it felt a whole lot easier to drive on past my gym and go home and eat candy instead, I have low expectations. Maybe by posting this plan for half a dozen readers to see will make me feel obligated to go, in the same sense that I am determined to finish my movie because so many people know I am doing it.


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