Introducing Wilmer Productions… unofficially

A couple guys are auditioning tonight for the part of Ryan. Since I had a little extra time to do so late last night, I re-wrote some of the Ryan scenes to make them (hopefully) a little funnier. I made a Word document with all his scenes to give the guys to read, so they won’t need a binder copy of the whole screenplay.

I ordered a mic extension cable online, or rather Brandon did. Because he ordered it with his ebay account, it got delivered to Knoxville, TN. However, his dad sent it to Brandon’s work right away, and it got there today. I really wanted to have it in time for tomorrow’s restaurant scene, so that’s good. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong end on the cable (a 1/4 in. instead of 3.5 mm) so I have to go buy a couple adaptors after work. I called Radio Shack, and they have what I need.

For tomorrow, I need to buy two t-shirts for the characters who play preschool teachers. I looked at Target last night, but they only come in three-packs for $10. I’m pretty sure I can buy them individually at JoAnn Fabrics, so I am checking that out on my lunch break tomorrow. I also need two glasses and a notepad with pencil for the restaurant bit.

Last Saturday, someone kept telling people to turn their beer bottles at an angle where their labels wouldn’t be seen, because we didn’t have permission to use that image. I didn’t say anything, because I wasn’t sure if this was true or not, so I let him carry on. But, I did some research on and that’s not true. I can show brand names without any trouble, as long as the product isn’t being misused (read: Coke can bong) or defamed (read: an actor declaring, “Coke sucks!”).

I’ve also been playing around with names for my production company. I’m pretty much settled on Wilmer Productions. When Owen and I made short films with our friends, they were under the name ‘Willow Films’. Hint: my brother’s name is Owen Williams. My choice isn’t currently being used, so that’s probably what I will go with. has some help on there about how to get going with your name, if you decide to do so.


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