And don’t call me Surly

Phi on sound crew

Phi on sound crew

The restaurant scene… is complete. And it went without a hitch. In fact, it went better than I could have imagined. All three of my actors made it, no one decided to not show up, Phi was there to work as crew, and the sound was great.

I am very happy with the variety of shots I got, and everyone there was really accommodating and helpful. After a couple takes, I asked one of the guys working to turn off the music in the background, and he did, no problem. There weren’t a lot of people there during the afternoon so the noise level wasn’t bad at all.

Ryan and Melissa

Ryan and Melissa

After that, Melissa and I filmed a scene out in an alley by our apartment, intended to be the alley behind the restaurant in the film. Instead of Melissa smoking, as called for in the screenplay, we sipped on some Cup O’ Joe smoothies, since Melissa was pretty sure her fake smoking was going to be a disaster.

Me and Brian

Me and Brian

Then the new actor playing Ryan (whose name is Brian) came to the apartment and he and I did a couple scenes. He will have two more, one with Becca and then the last scene of the film, and they are both being filmed on the same evening in a couple weeks. Becca worked crew for the last two scenes tonight and Brandon was behind the camera for the three scenes I was in. He did a really good job and came up with a cool camera angle I wouldn’t have thought of outside with Melissa and me.

The next scenes are this Saturday. Four more, mostly surrounding the characters Mark and Theresa.


2 waitress aprons, $20 (including shipping)

2 t-shirts,$18

Microphone adapters, $6

2 Cup O’ Joe beverages, $7

Appetizers for five at Surly Girl, plus one generous tip, $35

Meredith and Ryan

Meredith and Ryan


3 thoughts on “And don’t call me Surly

  1. Glad things worked out for the shoot. If you have no objections, I am going to mention the shoot in the Betty’s Family of Restaurants employee newsletter. If you do, email me.

    Good luck with the rest of the production. I’m looking forward to following your progress!


  2. No objections here! Thanks again for everything. You guys are a great example of why it’s good to go local.


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