This rain is killing my movie

On Monday I shot an interior scene with minimal lighting at the new apartment. I was relying too much on natural light, so when it darkened quickly that night between 7 and 8, I had a problem. Luckily my dad had brought me and Brandon a pair of lamps when he came to visit Sunday, and he helped us move them directly there instead of to where we currently live. Otherwise we would have had to re-shoot or scrounge up some artificial light at the last minute.

Stephan and Theresa, filming their last scene for the project

Stephan and Theresa, filming their last scene for the project

I was supposed to shoot two outdoor scenes tonight, but it’s been raining and gray all week. I tried to reschedule for tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be nicer, but one of the guys can’t make it then. I tried to get everyone to come on Sunday, but one of the guys has a big acting conference in Chicago all weekend.

Theresa, in character as "Kendra"

Theresa, in character as "Kendra"

This weekend has the potential for a whole lot of disaster, weather-related and non. I have a conference for work to attend Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and scenes scheduled Saturday night from 6-9. I am attempting to schedule exterior scenes on a day in the month of April in Ohio. And, Brandon is going to Knoxville this weekend. It’s all an accident waiting to happen, more or less.

On the plus side, I now have more than half of my screenplay shot. I am re-shooting the bathroom scene, the first scene that was shot, because I never could get a good take with both Becca and Ryan in the frame. Also being re-shot is the park scene. I need to go back and get establishing exterior shots of the restaurant and of our apartment. Those won’t be difficult and they won’t involve any people.


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